KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy



The most amazing photographer! We absolutely adore the pictures you really captured all the emotion and the beauty of the day. So timeless and classic!! Thank you so much Anastasia!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy

Rita Kurban

The best photographer we have ever worked with and the most beautiful shots that will 100% delight us for many years! 😍

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


Review from a super grateful bride on 10/02/2021. Preparations for the wedding lasted 2 months, everyone was chosen and prepared remotely: from the agency, the venue, to the specialists, since the wedding was planned in the Polyana mountains, and we ourselves live in Moscow time. The selection of specialists is a very important stage, since it was important for us to find people close to us in energy, taste, look, by analyzing only their accounts and work. This took us the most time, even the decor was completed faster, to the surprise of the organizers. Styopa’s account, that’s what my husband and I called her :) (because of her Instagram nickname) we had the tab open for a long time, returning after watching other specialists. and in the end the choice fell on her. She hooked us. It is she, because the photographer’s work is her prism of life. And it was important for us to assemble a team of «our people» to spend this day in a completely family format, close to our energy, plus similar prisms can only convey «US» in the photo. Her sense of taste, non-triviality, preferred color scheme, angles, the way she conveyed the whole atmosphere of the couple’s relationship evoked a strong response, her works were the work of a true artist. I really liked the approach. The day before the wedding, she wrote to me, we established contact, discussed the concept, and during the conversation she came up with the idea of «continuing our work» after the banquet and filming us more real. The idea was to film the night. Our first marriage. I remember my delight at the idea and the conversation, as I was convinced of the correctness of choosing a specialist, since most of all the concept of the wedding was «DO IT NON-TRIVIAL, IN OUR WAY.» Nastya saw everything similarly. I’m not one of the dreamy potential brides who dreamed about this day and thought through every detail, but about the wedding day I have the same reviews as everyone else. One delight, because filming the bride’s morning, walks in the mountains, retreat, banquet and nights were just mega cool, as if we had known each other all our lives and walked with friends and took gorgeous shots. There was a very cool energy atmosphere of cool talented guys and us, cool Nastya and us. After the wedding, I rejoiced, «I want to be friends, ” she is not just a photographer for me. I love her page, and the story with her daughter made me want to have a child too hahaha. Nastya, I forgot that I was writing a review, as if I was writing to you. Returning to work, we received the photos within the specified time frame, there were no delays (but it seems to me that I would forgive you for them haha). I won’t say anything, you can check our wedding day here. And I immediately ran to order the album while our photos were being reposted on accounts. Especially the photo of the night, where the name is very loud, but inside there is only aesthetics and sincere love. I don't know how people end reviews. A recommendation? If someone came here looking for their photographer-artist, I think they won’t just leave here without a review. All beauty and love. Nastya-van love forever.

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KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


I really enjoyed working with Anastasia. The process itself was easy, we managed to relax and live this important day for us. The photos turned out wonderful! Live footage that shows our mood and conveys the emotions of the holiday.

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy



Very cool photos, thank you very much!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


The photos are unrealistically beautiful, so sensual aaaah!!! Everything inside me shakes when I look at them!!! It's a pleasure to be in your lens 😇😇😇

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy



Nastya, you are the best wedding photographer I have ever worked with! You taught me a lot and it’s a pleasure to work with you as a team! :) — Oleg Filmmaker

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


The photos are simply amazing!!! Thank you very much 😍😍😍

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy

Андрей, Наташа

Wonderful photos!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


This photo shoot is a dream! Nastya helped make it happen; when she looked at the photos for the first time, she was ready to shed tears of delight! Thank you =*

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy

Раков Владимир

Анастасия, благодарим тебя за проделанною работу! Эти великолепные фото всегда будут радовать нас и наших близких, а прогулка по горам подарила нам массу положительных впечатлений! Обязательно приедем еще!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


Снимали сразу в 3-х локациях в Сочи. И из каждой - получились атмосферные, эмоциональные кадры. С незнакомым фотографом мне всегда сложно расслабиться, но с Настей - зажатыми были только первые минуты съемки. Результат потрясающий, эта фотосессия теперь моя любимая. Абсолютно точно, это наша не последняя встреча! Спасибо большое Насте, такому чуткому профессионалу!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


СПАСИБО ОГРОМНОЕ ЗА ВОЛШЕБНЫЕ,НЕРЕАЛЬНЫЕ ФОТО! Это была самая лёгкая(в плане позирования и самого процесса) съемка на нашем опыте! И,как оказалось,самая лучшая!
Анастасия,браво!!! Вы увидели на картинках нашу семью именно так,как изнутри вижу ее я!!! У меня просто нет слов,чтобы описать эмоции!
Фото живые,душевные!
Фотографии передали чувства,эмоции между нами,в нашей семье! Это восторг!!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy

Алина — Игорь

Мы с мужем посмотрели фотографии😇
Это восторг🔥
Это стоило того времени ожидания. Я даже не представляла, что фотографии выйдут настолько красивыми 😍😍😍😍
Даже не знаю, что отдать в печать. Они все круты
Спасибо большое!!!!!!!!!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy

Дина — Артем

Настя, добрый день. Мы с Диной выражаем огромную благодарность за твою работу. Ты подарила красивую память о нашем свадебном дне!!! Ты настоящий профессионал. Как тонко замечены все самые важные и трогательные моменты. Наши родственники и друзья также в восторге от этих шедевров. Желаем тебе всегда получать удовольствие от того праздника, который ты даришь героям своих фильмов) Обнимаем тебя! Всем тем, кто захочет свадьбу в Сочи, рекомендуем только Настю!) ❤

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy


Simply incredible photos!!! Everything is exactly as we wanted. Thank you very much for these wonderful photos!!! We have never regretted turning to you!

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy

Андрей – Мария

Настюш, посмотрели фотки и мы в восторге!!!! Я тебе уже говорила, что они нереальные и ты нереальная! Спасибо тебе большое за подаренную нам сказку!!!!❤

KIND WORDS. Wedding photography Norway, Italy

Лалита – Николаз

Сказать что мы в шоке-ничего не сказать ! Это 100000% попадание 😭смотрела и в глазах стояли слезы, мы будто пережили заново весь этот день 😂спасибо огромное за вашу работу ,я ни капли не жалею что мы выбрали вас 🙏🏻♥♥♥все именно так как я хотела!